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A Letter to Our Republican Neighbors

by Pamela Faulkner

The most common thing that I noticed during the first day of Impeachment hearings was the number of times the Republican questioners said the words "the Democrats" even though the Democratic questioners never tried to make "the Republicans" the enemy in this story. Devon Nunes, for example, referred to "the Democrats" or referred to they or them 29 times. He attempted to blame "the Democrats" for all the actions that make up this Impeachment.

The President also frequently blames "the Democrats" for all his troubles. If you substitute "the Jews" for "the Democrats," you might think you were listening to a German official before World War II. The corrupt people within our government would like everyone to believe that "the Democrats" are the bad guys in this situation, but how can that be? These same Democrats are not people removed from the rest of Americans. They are your neighbors, your colleagues, your family members.

Those attempting to hide their corruption would like you to believe that “the Democrats” are the enemy. The Democrats, the news professionals, the immigrants, the blacks are all people to be feared or dismissed as un-American. But this can’t be true. They are the people you deal with every day and have been a part of this country for many years.

There are people in the government, corrupt people, who want to tear this country apart. They want some Americans to get so frightened that they take up arms and start another Civil War if they don't get their way. That isn't the way America has worked for hundreds of years. We debate, we vote, and we then work together toward a common goal. Freedom is that goal. Freedom for all people, which sometimes means one view occasionally bumps up against another. When we don't act in this American way, people who want this country to become a dictatorship get one step closer to their goal.

Don't fall for this. Listen to all points of view. Watch the Impeachment hearings. Listen to the witnesses. Count how many times you are told that "the Democrats" are out to ruin this President or this country. Then remember that these Democrats also fought and died to keep our country free from tyranny. They are as patriotic as you are. They love freedom and hate corruption as much as you do.

Americans hold to the rule of law. Americans vote. Dan Rather proclaimed that "History is watching." I hope people in the present are watching too because WE are the people who will choose the direction of the country in 2020.

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